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Approved: Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card Review

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Approved - Written by: Leenz on 2009-01-25

Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card
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Leenz's Card Review:

I was approved this angel card with a $250 limit. I was just wondering how much CL's do others have on this card. Just out of curiousity I want to know how high or how much they are willing to put out for this kind of store...


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Dang From ColoNative on 2009-01-25

This is an ugly card, looks like something Barbie threw up. They used to have a platinum card in the late 90's that was classy.

Anyway, WFNNB (who issues this card) is pretty good with CLI's. Give it about a year and you will likely be givin an increase to $500. They also have a "luv buttom" on their website where you can request a CLI. But please give it some time before you do that.

No, I never had a Victoria's Secret. But I had an Abercrombie & Fitch card issued by the same bank. Everything was the sames as my sisters Victoria's Secret account.

Also, this might not be considered a review and will likely be moved. I invite you to participate in the forum discussions; there a lot of people there who can answer your questions; follow this link and type away:


Good luck with your new card.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Increases.. From Ding on 2009-01-25

I have the American Eagle Card, and it is backed by the same bank. I asked for a $22.00 increase to cover something about 2 months ago, and they gave me a $150.00 increase. I have had my account for roughly 6 months. I keep a pretty good balance on it, but I always make more than the minimum payment. I have returned stuff, I buy in the store and online, and I have not had any problems. Good Luck with your new card.

P. S. They started me with $300.00 and I am at $450.00 now.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Ding From ColoNative on 2009-01-25

I believe American Eagle is a GEMB backed card.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Congrats! From Charonh on 2009-01-25

I used to have one of these cards years ago and I think my limit was $800, but I'm not sure, but it was definitely more than $500 and I had it for several years, but that was when I was a frequent VS shopper. Anyway, enjoy your new card!

Comment 5
Comment Title: Colonative From Ding on 2009-03-23

Your right... I am sorry... American Eagle is backed by GE Money Bank, thank you for correcting me..

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