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Approved In Store: My Best Buy® MasterCard® Review

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Approved In Store - Written by: 7Wonders on 2008-11-19

My Best Buy® MasterCard®
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7Wonders's Card Review:

Approved for the Best Buy Platinum MasterCard in-store today. I read some earlier review about applying in the store and took the advice. Boy did it pay off! I received a Platinum status and a CL of $7,000. The employee in the store fills out the application for you, and then enters it in their system (to avoid fraud etc.). She explained I was approved for both the Best Buy store card (CL of $3,500) as well as the MasterCard. I will receive both cards in the mail within 7-10 days, but was approved on the spot to make an in-store purchase ASAP. I'll wait on the card(s) to arrive before putting them to use for X-Mas! FYI, my Equifax score as of 11/18/2008 was 766.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: BEST BUY From THOMAS1 on 2008-11-19

Congrats on your approval! Nice limits and score

Enjoy your cards!

Comment 2
Comment Title: Awesome! From Charonh on 2008-11-20

Score and credit lines. Congratulations!! I didn't think they gave that high of a limit on their MasterCards, maybe they're not so bad afterall. Enjoy both cards!

Comment 3
Comment Title: Wow From Meya on 2008-11-20

Congrats on your approval. That was a nice limit comming from Best Buy. Also, must say that you have beautiful scores!

Comment 4
Comment Title: HSBC From ColoNative on 2008-11-20

Wow, that is high for them. I wonder if you only got the MasterCard would they have given you $10,500?

I like the card design.

Comment 5
Comment Title: Approved In Store From 7Wonders on 2008-11-20

Actually I did inquire about the CL amount, if possibly combined. The answer is NO, but that's OK by me. I am interested in seeing what the Best Buy Platinum card design looks like (color etc.) if there's any difference even at all? I'll let you all know. Thanks for the comments! I have all major cards, except for Discover. However, I will wait on that one until Jan 2009.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Wow From Mrrob on 2008-11-20

That's a really nice limit to have, good luck with both cards


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