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NEW CreditSteps Program (2 Steps): Capital OneŽ No Hassle Points(SM) Rewards Review

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NEW CreditSteps Program (2 Steps) - Written by: Wildrage2 on 2008-11-15

Capital OneŽ No Hassle Points(SM) Rewards
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Wildrage2's Card Review:

I just got this card last month with a $1500 limit.

I just got a Credit Steps letter in the mail that promises an increase to $2500 in 4 months, and $3500 in 7 months. Has anyone gotten an offer like this through Capital One with 2 steps?

Is it because I have a Rewards Card?

Capital One is Awesome :-)


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Congratulations From ColoNative on 2008-11-15

What were your scores at the time of application?

Does the card have a "member since" on it?-Just curious.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Scores From Wildrage2 on 2008-11-15

Card does not say 'Member Since.' My EX and TU scores were around 610 and my EQ was around 640.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Same Deal From AmyB98 on 2008-11-15

My husband just got this card, except his starting CL was $500, then it will go to $1000 by month 4 and then to $1500 by month 7. I wish they had this when I got my cards, but I only got one credit step and one backdoor increase. I have to wait until the six months are up for another increase.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Cap One From THOMAS1 on 2008-11-15

Never heard of this program. I got mine in April 08. Was started out with 1k, got one step increase to 1500.00 I am now up to 4500$ I have a cash rewards card with them

This must be a new steps program they are starting with select people, or a new program all together.

Anyway, I'm considering asking for an upgrade to the Visa Signature, not sure yet.

Anyway, congrats on your credit line

Comment 5
Comment Title: I Got This Offer And From ARod on 2008-11-15

Yes I got this offer and yes they will increase your limit but read the letter. 1. Don't go over your limit 2. Use your card once in the first 90 days 3. Make your payments on time and it guarantee you will get an Increase I also got there Capital One rewards and its great.

And yes they are awesome enjoy your card.

Good Luck,


Comment 6
Comment Title: Sound Like A Good Program! From Charonh on 2008-11-15

Congratulations, I wish all credit cards made it that simple (telling you when you will receive an increase and the terms), that's great. Enjoy your new card!

Comment 7
Comment Title: Wildrage From ColoNative on 2008-11-16

Thanks. I think the Platinum card has the member since on it. I was going to call them for a new card so that I could have that, but I have a No Hassle Rewards card-similar to this one so I bet it would be the same.

Comment 8
Comment Title: I Have The No Hassle.... From Brian23 on 2008-11-16

And its the same thing. One increase at the 4 month statement and one at the 7 month statement.

Not to bad of an increase, that's why I really like the card.

Comment 9
Comment Title: Wow! From RivasGlo on 2008-11-16

Congrats! I have never heard of it but this makes me go and apply for another Capital One Card and get rid of my Target and Walmart!

IDK soooo tempting...

Comment 10
Comment Title: You Will Get It... From Yoyo11 on 2008-11-17

On my other post, my AU standard Cap1 card had a CL of $300 asked for a CLI got $300 more after 2 months then on the 4th statement the credit steps kicked in at an additional $500.

My own card I got w/pre approval w/credit steps... Started w/$500 CL, asked for CLI after 2 months now CL is $1000... My 4th statement kicks out on 11/24/08... I'll let you guys know!!!

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