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Approved: Bank of America Secured VisaŽ Card Review

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Approved - Written by: Wanderer on 2008-10-05

Bank of America Secured VisaŽ Card
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Wanderer's Card Review:

Tried for a Bank of America Platinum Visa card but was denied with a counter offer of the secured card. They also stated if I use this card well they would upgrade me to an unsecured Bank of America Platinum Visa card. Scores EQ 697 EX 715 & TU 719. Also, BK still haunts me. Opened with $1,000's.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: RE: From Hjm331 on 2008-10-05

Why would you apply for a secured card with those scores? Did you apply for this card to get in with BOA? Nonetheless, congrats!

Comment 2
Comment Title: Why? Secured With Good Scores? From Wanderer on 2008-10-06

Good question? BofA, Citi, Chase & Wells Fargo were all hit as part of the BK 09/2001 Now even with a clean record no dings they will not consider me for a card. B of A offered the secured and said prove yourself and we will give you a second chance.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Congrats !! From ARod on 2008-10-06

Great card and stable and reliable Boa.

well I have to agree with Hjm331 with that credit Score you might not need a secured card but if you had a Bk 2001 then just wait they have something good for you after 2011 so if you wait we will all be saying wow look at the card he got. Just wait good luck to you.

Take care,


Comment 4
Comment Title: RE: From Hjm331 on 2008-10-06

Even though BOA approved you for their secured card, I don't think CitI will be as forgiving.

Comment 5
Comment Title: Hang In There From Mrrob on 2008-10-06

This card is a good start, eventually it will go unsecured. I have a friend who started with this card and it went unsecured in less than a year, hang in there


Comment 6
Comment Title: Wanderer From ColoNative on 2008-10-07

Did you include all these banks in your bankruptcy? A lot of banks will blackball you if they took a previous loss on you (and long after the bky falls off your bureau they can keep the info on their systems for years). Which, in a way makes sense as harsh as that may sound.

Comment 7
Comment Title: =/ I Feel For You From Jpnguyen on 2008-10-08

Ouch. You've just informed me how dangerous a BK is!

Sorry to hear that with your scores you couldn't get an unsecured card. Hang in there, just a little more than 2 years and that BK will roll off I believe..

Comment 8
Comment Title: Just For The Record From ARod on 2008-10-12

Citibank does have a secured MasterCard to rebuild credit and I think the minimum deposit is $300 for secured any question www.Citicards.com

https://www.Citicards.com/cards/wv/cardDetail. Do? ScreenID=940

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