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APPROVED!: Lowe's Project Card Review

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APPROVED! - Written by: ChrisPA on 2008-08-12

Lowe's Project Card
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Overall Satisfaction
Customer Service Not Rated
Rewards Not Rated
Account ManagementNot Rated
Delivery TimeNot Rated

ChrisPA's Card Review:

I got approved on the spot in store for this card.

Scores high 500s low 600s

Not sure what CRA they pulled

Time to get that new dryer that I need.

CL 500

Chris PA


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Congrats! From Hjm331 on 2008-08-12

Congrats on the new approval! I think you are going to need a higher CL if you're going to buy a dryer. I'd ask for a CLI at the store right before you purchase the dryer.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Difference From KellBell on 2008-08-13

What is the difference between the Lowe's Project Card and the regular Lowe's charge? Is the project card a personal loan?

Comment 3
Comment Title: I Have The Regualar Lowes Card From ChrisPA on 2008-08-13

I had to call to make sure what card I got approved for. Well on my temp card it says lowes project card, but I asked to make sure and they said its a reg lowes card. I think the associate printed my temp card info on the wrong brochure.

Chris PA

Comment 4
Comment Title: Cool From Meya on 2008-08-13

Way to go. I know you are going to be asking for cli's constantly after your first shopping experience... Lol. I love this store.

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