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Backdoor Number Worked!: Capital OneŽ Classic Platinum Credit Card Review

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Backdoor Number Worked! - Written by: AmyB98 on 2008-06-28

Capital OneŽ Classic Platinum Credit Card
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AmyB98's Card Review:

I got this card in March with a $300 limit. I use it and pay the balance of every month. I followed the Credit Steps and my cl went to $500 the first part of June. I stumbled across this website and found the magic number. I called and 2 1/2 weeks after getting the increase from credit steps, I am up $500 more for a cl of $1000 since March! This site is great! I also love the service from Capital One. I got another card from them in May, the Cash Back Mastercard and the limit is $500. After credit steps it is supposed to go to $750, but I am making a large payment on it next week and I wondered if I should chance it and call after I make the payment, before the credit steps kicks in? I think I read on another review that someone else had done that. However, there is a difference, on the first card I pay off the entire balance, but on this card I just paid more than the minimum, so I didn't know if it would work. I'm glad I found this site! Thanks!


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Comment 1
Comment Title: RE: Amy From Hjm331 on 2008-06-28

Call before credit steps kicks in. That's what I did with my second Capital One card. They started me off with $500 and I asked for an increase before the credit steps kicked in and they raised my CL to $1,000. After 3 months, they gave me an auto CLI of $500 bringing my limit up to $1,500 and I haven't received a CLI since then. Lol

Comment 2
Comment Title: Credit Steps??? From Ding on 2008-06-28

What is credit steps and how soon does it kick in? I have only heard of it on this website... I just received a new card and wanted to know when to ask for the upgrade of CLI, thanks.

Comment 3
Comment Title: RE: Ding From Hjm331 on 2008-06-28

Credit steps is the letter new Capital One customers receive 2 weeks after they receive their card saying that if you meet 3 of their requirements, they will give you an increase within 90 days.

Those requirements are:

1. Use your card at least once within the first 90 days of activating it.

2. Don't go over your limit.

3. Make your payments on-time.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Worked For Me Too From Casey on 2008-06-28

I called last week about my Visa card, they gave me a $500 increase. New limit is $2996... Goofy I know. I'm not the biggest fan of Capital One... They started me at $3000 on this card, then raised me to $3500, then a month later, CLD me down to $1996 because they issued me "too high" of a limit. Almost closed it then... I paid it off and stopped using it. Then I got $500 back, raising me to $2496, and now another $500, now at $2996. I guess my next one will be $4, cause I was told that maximum limit for this card is $3000... But with them I never know... So at least I got $1000 of my original limit back...

Comment 5
Comment Title: Thanks Hjm331 From Ding on 2008-06-29

ALthough I have to say that it is not 2 weeks after that you are in that program... I just received my 2nd cc from them a Visa and I called right away to ask about an increase and was told no-(that was c/s)... So 2 days later I called backdoor number and the senior guy told me the same thing... Sorry you are involved with credit steps..(he told me what they were as well) and that I was not eligible to get and increase yet... So I guess it works for some people and not for others... But keep me updated as to all of your progress guys... Thanks.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Yes, Backdoor Does Work From Shark6 on 2008-06-29

I have had 2 Cap1 cards from 2003. On one of them I got an auto CLI last year for the first time in about 5yrs. The other card, I got nothing. This week I called the backdoor # 2 times and I got a $2=300 CLI on both of them.

Thanks to FG for that tip.

Comment 7
Comment Title: RE: Ding From Hjm331 on 2008-06-29

Call the backdoor number right before your 3rd statement cuts. They give the credit steps CLI right after your 3rd statement cuts.

Comment 8
Comment Title: THE NUMBER From Crazysue on 2008-07-19

I would love this "back door number" I've had my Cap one MC Plat. Card since 12/07 cl was 300 to start then it went up to 500 and I have left it at that... It does have 0 intro for a year so I do carry a balance... What do you think could I get this "back door number" and try or wait a bit till my balance (and other balances) are low

Comment 9
Comment Title: SWEET!! From LuLu1980 on 2008-07-19

Holy cow!! I have been reading everyone's stories about how the backdoor # worked for them, even on new credit cards, but with my credit and the fact I've hardly had my card 2 months, I thought I would be shooting my self in the foot if asked.

So I called this morning and BAM! I went from my lil $300 limit to $600. AND I GET MY AUTO CLI IN A FEW WEEKS!


Comment 10
Comment Title: Whats The #### From KIEJON9 on 2008-08-02

Hello can some tell me the back door ### for cap 1 so I can have my wife cll so she can get a cli

Comment 11
Comment Title: The Back Door ### Workd From KIEJON9 on 2008-08-02

Hello everyone my wife got her cli from the back door number today and she just got her card in in may of this year

Comment 12
Comment Title: Way To Go From Meya on 2008-08-02

How much did she get and what was her limit before she got one?

Comment 13
Comment Title: Back Door Number From Baystate on 2008-08-05

Does anyone have the back door number for Cap One?

Comment 14
Comment Title: Here You Are From Meya on 2008-08-06

Hi Baystate, here is the link to all of them, but you should come inside the network where we have a lot of info about cap 1.


Comment 15
Comment Title: Re: Meya From Baystate on 2008-08-06

Thanks Meya...

Comment 16
Comment Title: Re: Backdoor Number From Baystate on 2008-08-06

Thanks for everyones input regarding the backdoor numbers and CLI's. I called Cap 1 tonight and finally got an increase on my account. Only $300 but that's more than they given me in years!

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