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Card Upgrade - Written by: Sethatco on 2008-06-23

Macy's Credit Card®
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Sethatco's Card Review:

I got a call today from DSNB aka Macys credit asking me if I was happy with my store card. I said yes but I wish you folks gave me the Visa instead of just the store card. Well today sir is your lucky day, we have been doing an ongoing review of accounts and would like to issue you a platinum Visa card since you spent 2000 with us last year. No AF 16.9% which is rather high but I have no intention of carrying a balance. The best part is I still get to keep my Macys store credit line which was $5000. Now I have a Macys Visa for $8,000 and a store for 5. I've never spoken ill or hard feelings towards Macys but today I think much more highly of them, for meeting the needs and wants of their customers. The moral of the story is pay your bills on time and usually in full and good things will come your way.

TU 765

EX 785

EQ 770


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Congrads From Tynece on 2008-06-23

Did they have to pull an inquiry?

Comment 2
Comment Title: Zero Pull From Sethatco on 2008-06-23

Nope, I noticed macys does a monthly soft pull on experian, so I guess I meet a certian criteria

Comment 3
Comment Title: Wonderful From Beanciapoo on 2008-06-23

Congratulations to you!! That is wonderful. Now you have a Macy's Store and Visa Card. You have great scores too. Enjoy yourself!!!

Comment 4
Comment Title: Macy's Has Everyones CS From Brian23 on 2008-06-24

Just an FYI, when I had 1st received the card and I called to CS to talk to Rep about getting a CLI. The rep had leaked out that there was nothing she could do because my account had not yet been fully entered into the system (including my credit score that they monitor). But, when I took everyones advice and went into the store, I got the CLI by calling on the phones in the store. So, moral of the story, they may be doing soft pulls, but that's only because they have everyones credit scores in their systems.

Comment 5
Comment Title: Way To Go! From Meya on 2008-06-24

This is a very interesting story.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Excellent From Rockin35 on 2008-06-25

Well, I ve had my Macys instore card over 12 years, I just got the platinum Visa 2 years ago. You will love the benefits if you shop a lot at Macys... Rockin35

Comment 7
Comment Title: Macy's Cli From Shark6 on 2008-06-25

I have 2 macys and have had them from 1996 and 1995. I called yesterday and requested a CLI. I went from 2k to 2700 and from 1k to $1400. The $1400 only has $140 charged to it and the 2k only hast under $400 charged which is high for me.

I barely charged but I did this year because they send you so many coupons and you also get the extra 15% when u use your card.

Their perks are great!

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