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My Salute Card - Written by: Cynthia623 on 2008-05-29

Salute VisaŽ Card
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Cynthia623's Card Review:

When I got a copy of my credit report from freecreditreport.com they recommended me to apply for Salute. So I did, I have a limit of $300. I applied 5/2008 it took approx. 2weeks for me to get my card. I called the # that was listed on the letter and paid my $20 fee, through the automated system. I was scared at first because I didn't speak with a LIVE person. Now remember you will need your banks routing # & checking account #, I was hoping this automated system wouldnt withdrawl all my savings by accident.."fingers -crossed"LOL but NO they didn't. It took about 5 dys for them to take my $20 out. I also called and spoke with a live person and asked how can I get my husband on the account. To my surprise the lady from India was sooo sweet... She added his name with no extra fees to my account. So now he has his own Salute gold card with his own name on it... Whooopy! todays date is 5/29/2008 He got his card on Tuesday... The 27th.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Congrats! From Hjm331 on 2008-05-29

If you and your husband are on the same account, you guys have to share the $300 credit line. Both of you don't get $300 each, that's not the way it works. Make sure you don't go over the limit because problems will start to arise. I am glad that you have started rebuilding your credit as it is very important here in the U. S. If you want to buy a house, buy a car, or even get a job! Some employees like to pull a copy of your credit report to see if you are financially responsible.

Also, if someone tells you applying for more credit cards and opening new accounts will help your score, that is NOT true at all. It will do the exact opposite and it will hurt your score varying on the number of cards you have applied for and/or new accounts you have opened.

Good Luck

Comment 2
Comment Title: Credit Line Increase From Ding on 2008-06-25

Hi guys... I read all the info... About this card that everyone else is saying and so I am patiently waiting to see if I get my CLI and how much it will be... I have been told it goes from the first date of use on the card and not when you opened the account... And that they periodically increase the account when they want to... Well, still have not received one... Although I went back and looked and have only had this card a little over a year... Although it felt like I have had this card longer... I was wrong..(I noted that I had it longer on another page)... But we will wait and see what the verdict is... I have applied for so much credit recently we will see if that affects the decision..

Comment 3
Comment Title: CLI Fee From Hjm331 on 2008-06-25

Make sure they don't charge you a fee for the credit line increase.

Comment 4
Comment Title: DING From Yoyo11 on 2008-06-26

How long did you have your card? Was you CL over the $300 to start?

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