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Who Do They Pull?? - Written by: LindaLu on 2008-04-29

Sears Card®
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LindaLu's Card Review:

I could use sears... In case of household emergencies such as appliances, automotive repair... Etc... Does anyone know who they pull.? My lowest is experian so if it is them I won't even bother...

thanks for the help guys!


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Comment 1
Comment Title: > From Defserv on 2008-04-29

It looks like a toss up between the 3 but depends where you live..

Comment 2
Comment Title: I Live In Ohio Defsey From LindaLu on 2008-04-29

I live in ohio... How would I find out... I wonder if I could call... I don't want a strike on my credit report if I am not getting the card... Declines are hurting me... Because in order to get the card I have to apply again in the near future

Comment 3
Comment Title: Experian From Meya on 2008-04-29

This card pulls from experian. I would not chance it. Go to lowes, they have the same appliances you are looking for, and they pull from EQ or TU. The financial backer is GE Money Bank! Good Luck!

Comment 4
Comment Title: - From Defserv on 2008-04-29

According to credit pull db people in Ohio usually get transunion pulled. But YMMV... If you don't wanna take a chance than I suggest taking meya's advice.

Comment 5
Comment Title: Naah Naah Deserv From Meya on 2008-04-29

Don't put it off on me, you did the checking so I say take your advice... Lol. Let's hope this person uses their own advice so we can be in the clear... Lol.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Citibank From KellBell on 2008-04-29

They pull from Experian and the bank is Citi.

Comment 7
Comment Title: Sears From Wildrage2 on 2008-04-30

Sears seems like one of the hardest CITI cards to get. I was approved for Macys and Bloomingdales, but denied to Sears twice in an 8 month period. I've since completely given up on them.

Comment 8
Comment Title: GE? From Wildrage2 on 2008-04-30

Ohhhh... They switched to GE? That would make more sense, since GE hates me!

Comment 9
Comment Title: Not GE Money Bank From MaryM on 2008-04-30

Sears is Citi. Meya was talking about Lowes which is GE money bank.

Comment 10
Comment Title: RE: MaryM From Hjm331 on 2008-04-30

Mary, you're right. Sears is Citi and Lowe's is GEMB.

Comment 11
Comment Title: Toss Up From Davis06 on 2008-04-30

I've applied for Sears twice in the past year first time was Experian - second time they pulled Equifax and I'm in the southeast.

Comment 12
Comment Title: It Looks Like TU From Rickella on 2008-04-30

According to whogavemecredit.com, one Ohioan reported their Sears pull from TransUnion. Hope that helps.

Comment 13
Comment Title: True From Meya on 2008-04-30

I was saying that she should apply for lowes because they pull EQ and TU and the finance backer is GEMB. I know that Sears is Citi, that is why I told her to take the lowes route. Citi is to chitty for me!

Comment 14
Comment Title: Thanks For The Info!! From LindaLu on 2008-04-30

I am not holding anyone responsible... I just want to avoid what I feel is a denial and a denial is bad enough yet alone an inquiry on your credit report for a card you didn't get!!! and then have to reapply somewhere down the road if you really want that card and take the chance of doing it all over again... I miss the days when everyone approved me... And for high credit lines too!!!(why did I screw up???)

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