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My First Unsecured CC In Years!!: Capital OneŽ Platinum Credit Card Review

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My First Unsecured CC In Years!! - Written by: Happylady on 2008-04-28

Capital OneŽ Platinum Credit Card
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Happylady's Card Review:

This is a great card for people starting to rebuild their credit. I received an offer for this card in the mail after having my secured Visa with Bank of America for 4 months. I was approved for this Capital One card with $300 credit line. My FICO score was around 550 (not exact). I love the Capital One online management feature - it helps me to make sure I make my payments on time. I haven't talked to any one in their customer service department yet because I do everything online and haven't had any problems yet.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Congrats From Crazy2k5 on 2008-04-28

Congrats on the new card. Do let thelow limit discourage you. They gave me that same limit back in December. I am up to $1000. They are very good if you are starting out or starting over.

Comment 2
Comment Title: :) From Defserv on 2008-04-28

I have had this card for 4 months and started with a limit of 300$. My limit is now at 1,100$ Just make your payments on time and they'll take care of you.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Congrats! From Hjm331 on 2008-04-28

Stay with this card. It will open doors to many other cards. I really like my Capital One cards so I don't think I'll ever get rid of them. They have been very good to me and I'm sure they'll be good with you! Good luck.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Congrats! From Goddess on 2008-04-28

Cap 1 isn't a bad company to partner with. Just like with most any other issuer, if you treat them right, they'll return the favor.

Enjoy! :)

Comment 5
Comment Title: This Card Is Great... From ARod on 2008-04-28

Capital One is one bank that doesn't stab your wallet with fee's and they have always been there and work with me... I think you will love this bank...

Good Luck to you..


Comment 6
Comment Title: Congrads... From Yoyo11 on 2008-04-28

One day... I'm gonna say... I got that CapOne!! This is one of my top cards to get!!

Comment 7
Comment Title: Way2go From Meya on 2008-04-28

This is the best card to start off with when rebuilding credit. Like everyone in here says, they will not rip your pockets off like most cards do. You made the best move when you applied for this card. Be good to them and they will show you love.

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