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Approved :+) - Written by: KellBell on 2008-04-26

Old Navy Credit Card
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Overall Satisfaction
Customer Service Not Rated
Rewards Not Rated
Account ManagementNot Rated
Delivery TimeNot Rated

KellBell's Card Review:

Approved with a low limit. I'm closing this bad boy.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: What's The Limit? From Hjm331 on 2008-04-26


Comment 2
Comment Title: Try This From Hjm331 on 2008-04-26

Go into the store and get the rep to call CS and to ask for a credit line increase. If they don't give you one, then tell them to close the card on the spot. See what they will do.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Missing The Point From Sethatco on 2008-04-26

What a dumb thing to do, you wasted an inquiry getting the card, how about trying to work the system and recover your credit. If GEMB is willing to give you a second chance DO NOT spit in their face and close a card. I hate to sound rude here but be thankful you got the card in the first place. Proper use over 5 or 6 months will get you a CLI. I have seen from other posts that you went on a spree applying for credit, how will it look that you now have like 6 or more inquires and half as many open then closed accounts. The CB's may delete the account, but they are not going to remove the hard pull. Think before you apply.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Ur Right From KellBell on 2008-04-27

And the beautiful thing is, I [Edited] Gemb over with my ancient American Eagle account, yet they forgave!

Comment 5
Comment Title: Keep It KellBell From Rockin35 on 2008-04-27

Go ahead and keep the card. Give it some time, at least keep it for 5 months to establish history on it, so the hard inquiry vs. Payment history will balance out those points you lost when you applied for it. Yes, its only about 6 points or so, but still, keep the card. You may need it. Rockin35!

Comment 6
Comment Title: Thanks Sethco From Eric on 2008-04-28

I agree with Sethco... I cant stand when someone applies for an account and then closes it due to CL or whatever instead of the old fashion way of using the account responsibly and working to receive your CLI's. And also WHY would they give you a higher CL... Remember you #%^! Over GEMB on an AE account and yes they gave you a second chance but Im sure they haven't forgot!

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