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Back Door CLI?: Capital OneŽ Classic Platinum Credit Card Review

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Back Door CLI? - Written by: Wildrage2 on 2008-03-24

Capital OneŽ Classic Platinum Credit Card
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Wildrage2's Card Review:

I recently got bumped up from $300 to $500 about a month ago using the credit steps program.

I've heard on other boards thta you can call a back-door number (877-513-9959), and get CLI's easier then their standard number.

Right now I make 3 to 4 payments a month to free-up available credit (I travel a lot and stay at a lot of hotels for work). I've had the card for 5 months and have probably made 15-20 payments in that time. I'm contemplating giving them a call an using that as an argument to raise my limit.

Has anyone had any success with this? Any idea of what criteria they use?


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Back Door Number. From Adicus on 2008-03-24


I think the back door number is (800) 889-9939.

I used it per HJM and all I had to say is: " I'm inquiring about a credit increase" and they usually grant it with no problems. Best recommendation to date.

Comment 2
Comment Title: RE: Wildrage From Hjm331 on 2008-03-24

If you just got a CLI, wait 3 months for another one. They won't give you one back to back.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Promo From Ash on 2008-03-24

Apparently there was a big promo yester day...

Ineed on the boards they are saying..

Call 877-513-9959 and tell them that "you want to make Capital One the #1 card in your wallet". They will give you a CLI if there is one available.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Thank You! From Debtor00 on 2008-03-26

I called that back door number for capital one and told them I wanted to make them the number one card in my wallet, and got a cli of 4000!!! That's really going to help my credit rebuilding.

Comment 5
Comment Title: IT WORKS!!! From TKNOXJR on 2008-03-26

I love this site, so much info, I have a Visa and MasterCard from capital one, I called the back door number, and didn't think I was going to get it because I recently just got a increase on both accounts, well I called them and told them that I want capital one to be my best card and too my surprise the lady gave me a 1000 dollar increase on both accounts, wow

Comment 6
Comment Title: RE:TKNOX From Meya on 2008-03-26

Way to go buddie, I am so happy for you.

Comment 7
Comment Title: Good Stuff From Hjm331 on 2008-03-26

Congrats to everyone who recently got a CLI from Capital One! I still can't get one! Lol

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