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Approved - Arriving In 7 - 10 Days!: American Express® Gold Card Review

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Approved - Arriving In 7 - 10 Days! - Written by: Goddess on 2008-02-28

American Express® Gold Card
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Goddess's Card Review:

Had the Delta Skymiles Gold for one month; just converted to Blue. Thought this would be a good backup card to get. Not sure which CRA was pulled, but I have no revolving debt, just paid off my car, my student loan and mortgage are current. For the record, I have a 3 1/2 year old public record and a year old CA (both in dispute) on my files. Scores are around 680-700.

Will keep real good care of my new baby! ;-D


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Awesome Card From ARod on 2008-02-28

I have this card and yes its rewards program is good.

after 1 year $125 annual fee and full payment due each month..

over all I use it for restaurant but that's it.

Enjoy your new card with no interest.

Take care,


Comment 2
Comment Title: Charge Card Report To CRA? From MarkRivers on 2008-02-28

I got a pre approved form for this in the mail a few weeks ago... I decided not to go with it and instead apply for the delta platinum from AMEX based on the approval rating from people in this forum..

but this is a CHARGE card... I don't think they report to the 3 credit bureau..

so, in my opinion, the $125 isn't worth it, unless you fly a lot.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Yes Your Correct From ARod on 2008-02-28

This card doesn't report a credit limit and is charge card so this card will not help your credit report at all might even lower your score.

Based on my wife and my credit report.

Good Info. For the rest of us...

Delta sky mile, Amex Blue, does report credit limit.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Yes, You're Correct From Goddess on 2008-02-29


I've heard that using a charge card could actually hurt your credit score from a few people. The trick is to start off making a large purchase so the CRA's report the high limit, then charging less than the high limit from then on. I'd really like to hear more about this.

Comment 5
Comment Title: FOR INFO. Goddess From ARod on 2008-03-01

American Express charge card go to


This web site reported on Amex charge card bad for credit report because they don't report credit limit due to the no preset credit limit and trust me there is a limit but they wont say it to you..

I will see there is another web site on this too I will keep you posted

Comment 6
Comment Title: Re: For Info Goddess From Goddess on 2008-03-01


I think I found the article you were talking about http://www.Bankrate.com/brm/news/cc/20060331a1.asp

Makes me want to just use this for going out once in awhile. I could use the Blue for everything else. Thanks for the heads-up on this.

Comment 7
Comment Title: Yes They Report From Cameron on 2008-06-12

I have this card and it gets reported to all 3 beuraus.

I don't understad why bankrate has turned finance portal into a gossip portal. That is they got report the fact.

In my experience it helped the scores even more, after the second month. Maybe any drop will be of the first month after usage month but it shoots back faster than one can imagine and even much higher.

If it was not doing any good it would have been the most success profitablity company who can hire better people and provide greatest service to its customers and vendors.

They charge but you get more than what you had paid for and worth every cent

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