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Application Status Under Review: The Home DepotŪ Credit Card Review

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Application Status Under Review - Written by: Louise on 2008-02-03

The Home DepotŪ Credit Card
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Louise's Card Review:

Application is under review. I want this card since I am not a big Home Depot shopper except for cleaning supplies and minor items like light bulbs. I am trying to rebuild my credit so I thought by applying for this card it would keep my spending methodically solid. When I applied, my FICO Score was 650 and I do have a huge blemish (BK discharged June 2006). So, I am in limbo right now. I like rejections to be instant...


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Comment 1
Comment Title: If Decline Try From ARod on 2008-02-03




these banks wont abuse you. They credit line might be low but its a start.

Good luck,


Comment 2
Comment Title: Not Sure About This One Either From Meya on 2008-02-03

This card is financed by Citibank, and I have not known Citibank to accept bk. Please, don't be discouraged, you might be surprised.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Don't Worry! From Hjm331 on 2008-02-03

Louise, don't worry if they reject you for this card. However, I don't know anyone that would be rejected for a store card. If you do get approved, they might give you a HIGH interest rate around 30% which is the same as any other store card.

Arod is right, Orchard Bank and Capital One are great cards as long as you pay on time and don't go over your limit. Guess what? They both offer Mastercard cards so they can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Capital One will start you off with a low limit but they offer you a CLI in 90 days as long as you make your payments on time and don't go over your limit. Good luck, hope this helps!

Comment 4
Comment Title: Citibank From Porgy1000 on 2008-02-03

Meya you are correct once again, Citibank will NOT issue a card to anyone with a BK on their credit report, even if it is 9 years old. Most tier one banks will do the same. To apply for a card with a tier one bank will just end up with a decline. GEMONEY too will not issue cards under the Mastercard logo or the Visa logo with a bk that new. They will issue cards like Walmart though.

the HOMEDEPOT card says poor credit but they consider that a 60 day late payment from 6 months ago that lowered your score to 620 etc.

Citibank, US bank, chase and now even Barclays will NOT issue cards to a BK at all. Maybe if it is a partial secured with BOFA but not unsecured

Comment 5
Comment Title: Dont Give Up! From Ash on 2008-02-04


You have a pretty decent FICO post BK!

I didn't get the Home Depot card too, but that's ok. Barclay’s issue several cards that some people after bk get others don't.

Just keep working at rebuilding your credit history and you'll start to see pre-approval offers in your mail box in no time.

Review the suggestions on this forum regarding the buider cards and also google search BK friendly creditors and you can find info as well.

Good luck!

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