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Declined: NFL Extra Points VisaŽ Card Review

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Declined - Written by: Louise on 2008-02-03

NFL Extra Points VisaŽ Card
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Louise's Card Review:

Although my FICO score is 650... I was declined... I think primarily is that I am starting to rebuild my credit after filing for BK (discharged June 2006). They just did not want to take a chance on me. I do not like rejection but I have other cards and I am still in the rebuilding phase.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Just Apply For Repair To From ARod on 2008-02-03



these banks are good for repair.

Don't try the big banks they will decline your application.

Good luck,


Comment 2
Comment Title: Dont Worry From Meya on 2008-02-03

Its ok, some banks are just not bk friendly. I know that Juniper (Barclays BAnk) is pretty cool with bk. The travelocity card is known for approvals w/bk. But I must say one thing, slow down on the applications because if you keep applying you are going to get denials from everyone due to too many inquiries. Stick with the ones that you have and focus on your usage, history, and cli's. I put a good story on the board about this situation under "nice cards to apply for." Here is the link:


Comment 3
Comment Title: Yes Meya Is Right! From ARod on 2008-02-03

I agree with meya...

Comment 4
Comment Title: Meya Is Right! From Hjm331 on 2008-02-03

Louise, you need to stop applying for new cards or else it will lower your score and it won't go away for a year or two. It will not help you rebuild your credit at all.

This card is offered by Bank of America. Bank of America cards are really hard to get. My advice to you is to just focus on the cards you have now and focus on getting some CLI's because that's what will help you improve your score.

Also, don't apply for new cards because even if you do get approved, opening too many cards in a short period of time will hurt your score significantly. Watch out for these and your score will increase.

Comment 5
Comment Title: I Dont Want To Apply For Anymore From Louise on 2008-02-04

I have 3 cards now... I'm done... I have an excellent credit relationship regarding my student loans and bmw financial services... I don't want anymore... This country is about buying things on credit and having a relationship with a lender which I think is absolutely sick behavior. what about ppl having physical cash? we are constantly being pressured by advertisers and our peer group to have the newest gadgets, blah, blah... Credit cards are for the sole purpose for me to pay for the following: cell phone, landline, internet and cable (and this is to generate card activity). since these bills are monthly... There's no way for me to incur revolving debt... I don't believe in charging vacations on credit cards if you cant pay them off right away... If you cant afford to take you or your family on a beautiful vacation, then you need to upgrade your income (and if one doesn't think they are worthy to be paid handsomely, then it's fear that's stopping you and the credit cards become a quick fix to a subconscious internal issue of low self-esteem). I thank you guys for everything... I'm so determined...

Comment 6
Comment Title: Great Idea From Hjm331 on 2008-02-04

Louise, you just suggested a great idea and I agree with you also. Credit cards should be used for fixed expenses such as your monthly telephone, internet, gas, and groceries expenses. Paying off those charges alone for a year or two will prove a lot to the credit card lender. The key to a good credit report and score is to carry a long and quality payment history without any late payments, collections, and BK's.

Comment 7
Comment Title: Attn Loise: From Meya on 2008-02-05

I am sort of lost on your comment about "this country is about buying things on credit and having a relationship with a lender which I think is absolutely sick behavior. What about ppl having physical cash?" Physical Cash is good to have at all times but when you say that it is sick to have a realitionship with a lender, you have me lost to why you have a "Student Loan" and "BMW Financial" services! Did I miss read something?

Family vacations (in these days) are secured by credit cards. When you book the room, rent the car, and whatever else family does, you need to have a credit card. Its is better to insure your trip than to travel with cash, to decrease the chances of loosing the money and being robbed. I find it better to secure a vacation with a credit card/debit card to keep track of my expenses and to pay off with accuracy. Although cash is better, you will find that it is not convenient in certain situations.

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