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World Points Visa: Bank of America WorldPoints Platinum Plus® MasterCard® Credit Card Review

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World Points Visa - Written by: Alisha on 2008-01-03

Bank of America WorldPoints Platinum Plus® MasterCard® Credit Card
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Alisha's Card Review:

I have the BOA WorldPoints Visa. Its okay. I was preapproved for this offer a year ago. The interest rate is a little on the high side (17.24) but the rewards are cool. I'm currently looking into doing a product change over to the BOA AMEX card.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Give Us A Call Alisha From Eric on 2008-01-04

We would love to get you into a AMEX... Give us a call

Comment 2
Comment Title: BofA Or B Of Mafia? From Porgy1000 on 2008-01-04

17.24% ???? Do they send Guido over to break your legs if you go over your credit line?

Comment 3
Comment Title: What The! From Meya on 2008-01-04

Ohhh, well what about me? I want an AMEX CARD! Oh I see how you do it now. Porgy1000, you are sooooo crazy for that one... Lmao.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Tried To Switch To Amex From Alisha on 2008-01-16

Called and tried to get an AMEX product change... No love from Bank of America and no cli... I've had the card for about a year and still no cli. I give them until May and if no cli, its going into the sock drawer...

Comment 5
Comment Title: CLI From Hjm331 on 2008-01-21

Alisha, what's your current limit? If you use their online banking service to manage your credit card account, there should be a link on the left side on the page saying "Request a credit line increase" when you click on the card name to see your transactions. Once you click on that, enter the info and try asking for a $500 CLI, nothing too crazy and the computer should approve you for it. That's what I did with my Student Platinum Plus Visa because it has been 6 months and still no CLI. I clicked on the link and I asked for a $300 increase and they computer improved it.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Alisha From Dorrian on 2008-06-05

This is what I find that works. Use your card to make purchases and pay off the balance every month. I used to carry a balance, but I started paying my balance off and have since went from 8400 to 11400.

You have to use the card to get the CLI. And you gotta pay off your balance.

Comment 7
Comment Title: Line Of Credit From Jc12 on 2008-11-24

This info is good. I'm planning to have a line of credit soon. How easy is it? Easy like here: http://www.Financecreditline.com?

Comment 8
Comment Title: Re: Jc12 From Meya on 2008-11-25

Also, here is some good info on your question:


Hope this helps!

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