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Approved After Calling? - Written by: Bramford on 2008-01-01

Macy's Credit CardŽ
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Bramford's Card Review:

I applied for this card several times, and their letter kept saying that I had a delinquent account with them, but I didn't. I called their credit department and asked about this matter. It turned out that I had an account with them from 15 years ago that I had included in my Bankruptcy back in 1986. It was still in their computer and that is why I kept getting rejected. Anyway, the rep. Apologized, and I was approved with a $500 initial credit limit. Now, after 4 months of on time payment they have increased my credit limit to $1000. By the way my FICO score at the time I got the card was 585.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: CLI!!! From Bramford on 2008-03-09

My credit line has increased from $1000.00 to $2000.00 plus they gave some kind of special credit line account for large purchases with a $1000.00 credit limit.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Cool Bramford From Meya on 2008-03-10

That is a very nice limit. How long did it take for you to get there? I started with a $300 in-store approval and then three months later I got a $100 cli. I am currently in the 2 1/2 month stage before receving another limit and I was wondering should I let them give it to me or should I call in and ask for one. Please let me know your best opinion., and how long did it take for you to get to your current cl.

Comment 3
Comment Title: RE: Meya From Hjm331 on 2008-03-10

Call them and ask for one. Say that you are going to buy a new wardrobe from them and redecorate your whole house with products from their store. That will get them excited. Ask for a CL of $1k to $1.5k

Comment 4
Comment Title: Hummm From Meya on 2008-03-10

Do you really think that will work? What happnes when I don't purchase what I promised? Hummm, it does seems cool HJM. Should I wait until my 3 months is up to ask for the cli?

Comment 5
Comment Title: RE: Meya From Hjm331 on 2008-03-10

I've asked for a CLI from them every month for the 3 months that I've had the card for.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Meya From Bramford on 2008-03-10

Hello Meya. I think an individual needs to be a little more authoritative, and in control, and not rollover like a dog and accept whatever credit card say. I called and asked for for a CLI. At first they said that I just got a CLI a month ago and that I would have to wait another 3 months before I could get another CLI. After a few minutes of arguing the Rep. Said let me ask my supervisor. After a few minutes she said I was approved for a CLI of 1200 to 1700. I told her go back to your Supervisor and tell her If she wants to keep me as a customer she needs approve me 2000, otherwise I will pay off my account by the end of the week and close my account. After a few minutes came back and said congratulations you have been approved $2000. Meya that is how got the CLI.



Comment 7
Comment Title: Ok Bramford And HJM From Meya on 2008-03-10

I am going to take authority and ask them for a cli regardless to the one that they just gave me. IT IS TIME I TAKE AUTHORITY OF MY OWN CREDIT ACTIONS, NO LONGER WILL I BARK LIKE A DOG AND ROLL OVER LIKE ROVER!

I'm not really that bad ya know! Lmao.

Comment 8
Comment Title: RE: That's The Spirit From Hjm331 on 2008-03-10

That's what you have to do if you want to get want you want with credit card lenders. It's sad but it's the truth.

Comment 9
Comment Title: Did Not Work From Meya on 2008-03-11

See, this is what I get... Lol. Well I did try the supervisor thing and she got on the phone and told me that if I wanted to make a large purchase for Furniture (like you told me HJM), the cashier will call them and they will approve me for a seperate account not linked to my current account. Once the Furniture (for example) purchase was paid off, it will close by itself.

I told her look, I am trying to ask for a higher limit because what I have now is not do-a-ble and I know that I am quilified for more. If I can't receive it, I am going to just close the account. She said that since I have just received a cli almost three months ago, then when my statement for March closes, she will give me a higher cli.

I think she is full of puppy crap, but I am willing to take the chance. I love my Macy's card and I know that I am not going to close it, so I will just sit back and wait. Thanks anyway you two, I just learned something new.

Comment 10
Comment Title: CLI!!! From Bramford on 2008-04-02

I called and asked for a credit Line increase for my Macys type 30 account. I got a CLI from $1000 to $2200.

Comment 11
Comment Title: Way To Go From Meya on 2008-04-02

I am so happy for you buddie, please add this to the "Report your Limit Increase Here" thread. Here is the link.


Comment 12
Comment Title: Bram.. From Lyyssa01 on 2008-04-02

You always get cli, you must have a knack for demanding.

Comment 13
Comment Title: How To Get CLI From Bramford on 2008-04-02

Hello everyone. Not to say I am an expert in shape or form in getting CLIs, but here are a few words of wisdom.

Do not speak as if you were begging for a CLI, like Oliver Twist "Could I please have some more soup Please"!

Speak with a happy go lucky tone of voice.

Sit in a relaxed comfortable posture when calling.

Do not take the first "NO" as the final answer, try to negotiate or speak to a supervisor.



Comment 14
Comment Title: I Agree From Wildrage2 on 2008-04-02

That's how I got my Capital One CLI. I called and talked to them rather 'matter of-fact-ly.' I basically made it to seem like I didn't really need it, but it would be helpful. I spoke logically and talked to the rep as I would one of my friends - like a real person.

Comment 15
Comment Title: I'm Going To Try That... From Lyyssa01 on 2008-04-03

I do all that (I'm so sweet to them I make myself sick) but I always accept the first NO. So I should ask to speak to a supervisor... But what should my excuse be for asking for on? Give me a cli because I want it!!!

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