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99/500: Bank of America® Platinum Plus® Visa® Card Review

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99/500 - Written by: Theo on 2007-10-12

Bank of America® Platinum Plus® Visa® Card
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Overall Satisfaction
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Account ManagementNot Rated
Delivery TimeNot Rated

Theo's Card Review:

Originally applied for BOA World Points MC back in late July (at the suggestion of the rep I was chatting with online). Was declined about 10 business days later, but received the 99/500 offer that expired on 9/22. I mailed the offer on 9/20 and they cashed my check on 9/28. My wife told me earlier this week that BOA had called me a couple of times while I was at work. When I called them on Wednesday the 10th, they tried to offer me a high tier NFL card. I explained to the rep that I had been declined for the MC and had applied for the 99/500. She switched me over to the customer service line. That rep told me that I should receive the card late this week or early next week. It arrived today. Can anyone give me some info on 1) if they will convert it to an unsecured card, 2) how long that may take, 3) when/if they will increase the CL and by what amounts in what time frames, and 4) what type of spending and payment pattern will make this happen quickly. Thanks all.


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