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Approved - Written by: Dennis762003 on 2012-12-15

Fingerhut Credit® Account
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Dennis762003's Card Review:

I am trying to rebuild my credit. It has been a slow process. Just applied for the Fingerhut card and was approved with a $200 limit.



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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Wanderer on 2012-12-16

Welcome back to the world of credit. Rebuild is a slow process and it takes patience. Congrats! Your scores are coming back.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Tyty2010 on 2012-12-16

Congrats, Also have trying too rebuild my credit and it is a slow process but has been paying off. I have Capital One secured card that really has helped alot. My sister has had fingerhut for about 4 years started at 200 and now at 5000. They are good at giving cli. GOOD LUCK.

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