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Pre-approved Offer: Maximum Rewards(SM) Platinum Edition® Visa® Card Review

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Pre-approved Offer - Written by: MrVoiceGuy on 2012-12-04

Maximum Rewards(SM) Platinum Edition® Visa® Card
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MrVoiceGuy's Card Review:

I received an offer for the FNBO Maximum Rewards Visa in the mail back in April...I have cards through many of the sub-prime lenders and I was looking to start moving up in the world of credit...I sent the application through and I was approved for a CL of $1000...it was a nice start...fast forward to today and I contacted the bank to inquire about other cards they issue and/or a CL increase...I was told the offers come from their marketing department but the rep would see if I was pre-approved for anything...I was offered an CL increase of $2500 to bring the CL up to $3500...there was no hard pull that I was made aware of...it was based on my relationship and how I use this card...making multiple payments per month instead of just one at the due date has worked well for me...


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Comment Title: Re: Pre-approved Offer From Wanderer on 2012-12-04

Congrats! Stay the course with FNBO. I started with them through a pre-qualified offer (September 2011) and have no regrets. They are conservative but a good payment record excites them and they reward. They have offered me a second account since then and I went for it. Nice CL increase.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Pre-approved Offer From MrVoiceGuy on 2013-01-10

Thanks Wanderer...I shall keep the board posted on my progress with this card...

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