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Instant Approval!!! $10,000: USAA Cash Rewards® World MasterCard® Review

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Instant Approval!!! $10,000 - Written by: Sintanjin89 on 2012-08-07

USAA Cash Rewards® World MasterCard®
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Sintanjin89's Card Review:

Since I am a veteran I decided to give this a shot. Prior to this my highest limit was $4,500 for a Discover More Card. I couldn't believe I was approved let alone for this much. If it weren't for F.G. I would have never been able to do this. Thank you very much!!! Most of my credit scores were in the low 700's. The one they pulled was EQ which was at 713.

Congratulations, you're approved!

You've been approved for a USAA Cash Rewards World MasterCard®. Please review your summary and find out what happens next.

Approved Credit Limit $10,000.00
Current APRs

Purchase APR
13.9% (Prime+10.65%)

Cash Advance and Balance Transfer APR
13.9% (Prime+10.65%)
Shipping Method Regular Mail + $0.00
Allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval!!! $10,000 From Wanderer on 2012-08-08

WOW! You scored big! A prime card from one of the best banks... Great CL and your Apr is respectable. I have the same "World" Mastercard. Love USAA!

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval!!! $10,000 From SAR1954 on 2012-08-09

Shows hard work, and smart moves payoff! I am new to this site and already loving this network! There is a lot to learn here and benefit from.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval!!! $10,000 From Flaco on 2012-12-02

Congratulations. And thank you for posting all of the little details about the terms of your card (APR and CL). It is very helpful in comparing cards and different APRs and CLs, which seem to correlate with your excellent credit scores. Hope to be up there soon...

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