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Instant Approval!: Barclaycard Financing VisaŽ Card Review

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Instant Approval! - Written by: Patrick12 on 2011-09-28

Barclaycard Financing VisaŽ Card
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Patrick12's Card Review:

I currently have an Iphone and Ipod and was looking at different laptops and decided to apply for the Barklay card, decision was instant with a $1300.00 credit line and 22.99% interest rate on purchases! Barklays pulled TransUnion with a FICO score of 691! This is a great starting credit limit, I hope to grow with this card for future purchases seeing how I love apple!


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval! From Patrick12 on 2011-09-28

Congratulations! On 09/28/2011 you were approved for the
Barclaycard Financing Visa Card with a Credit Line of $1,300.00

You'll receive your card, pin, and cardmember agreement within the next 10 days. Set up online access now. Select GO to create a username and password

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval! From Finance Globe on 2011-09-29

Congrats on the approval Patrick! I love the cards with fast access so you can jump right in, instead of waiting for that "Welcome Kit". It's great to be an Apple fan and get their card as well!

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval! From Kdb030609 on 2011-09-29

Congratulations!!! That is a nice starting limit!

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval! From Patrick12 on 2011-09-29

Thank you guys! I have been trying to get into the Barclays family for some time now, I started rebuilding my credit 4 years ago, with a bankruptcy, 3 judgements, and a ton of collections, in that 4 years I have managed to remove all but 2 collections, get a mortgage, some prime credit cards, and low car loan rates! I started with a 425 credit score 4 years ago and now I am almost in the 700 club!!! Should be there by Christmas! Thanks Finance Globe for not only teaching me how to regain control of my finances, but for everything you do to help others as well!

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