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Approved: Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® Review

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Approved - Written by: Nisca on 2011-08-19

Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®
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Nisca's Card Review:

I applied online via the link on this site. If you apply online via the American Airlines site there is an $85 Annual Fee. Only $50 directly via Citibank.

I received a message to call the 800 number because they had to verify additional info. It was because they needed address verification. I moved recently and my credit report isn't matched up yet with what I put on my application. I faxed them a copy of my Drivers License and a Bank Statement ( I bank with Citibank). I applied on a Friday, I called back Monday to see confirmed they received the documents. They said I will receive a letter in 7-10 days. I called again Wednesday and they said congratulations they received the documents and I have been approved for a $3500 limit and I will receive my card in a few days.

I would definitely keep calling them, don't wait out the 7-10 days.

They pulled Equifax for me.

EXP: 684
TU: 701
EQ: 679

I've worked hard paying off baddies the last few months to clean up my report and am happy to get a true card with a nice limit. My other card is the Capital One Secured that I got in March. I think now that my report is clear of baddies the only things I can improve my score with are time and increased overall credit line. I am not in the position to take on loans at this time. Thoughts?


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Wanderer on 2011-08-19

Congrats! You are moving back into the mainstream of credit. It takes patience. Some parts of the credit rebuild will NOT be rushed. Example "average age of accounts" (for high performing FICO Scorers is over six years) and "oldest accounts" (for high performing FICO Scorers is over 12 years) which carry significant weight in the FICO Scoring Risk Models. Cleaning up your report is a major step too! You are getting it done. Great work.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Bc8787 on 2011-08-19

"baddies" stay on your credit report for 7 years. However the longer period of time that passes since it happened they have less affect on your score. Keep in mind this only applies to late payments and other small stuff. Foreclosure and repos stay on for 10

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Hammer23 on 2011-08-19

Incorrect... all derog (with exception of Tax Liens, and Bankruptcies) stay on file for 7 years. Repos and Foreclosures come off after 7.

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Approved From Kdb030609 on 2011-08-20

As far as the $50 or $85 dollar annual fee. There are two AAdvantage Mastercards. One has $50 annual fee and the other is $85 the main difference is the amount of airmiles you get after you get to there spend level within the set time. They also have the AMEX branded card as well. they also have the same annual fees.
They also offer a AAdvantage signature Visa card. All of these cards are listed on the Citibank website.
I currently have the AAdvantage Select AMEX it is the $85 annual fee card. I recently asked for a product change because I don't use it enough to justify the fee. If they hadn't changed it I would've cancelled it. By next month it will be a Citibank Dividend AMEX card & no annual fee.

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