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Finally Approved.. - Written by: Locnguyun on 2011-02-17

DiscoverŽ MoreŽ Card
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Locnguyun's Card Review:

After months of trying, Discover was able to approved me for $1000 student more card. At first I was declined because of my student status. After two different attempt of trying to get a RECON, I practically gaved up on Discover.

Within hours, something triggered Discover to give me a call back later on the day. After a brief conversation, they approved me.

I've finally reached my credit cards goals. That goal was to establish a history with all Visa, AMEX, Discover & Mastercard.

I will let all my cards grow and stop applying!

Current Cards:


AMEX Blue Cash

Discover Student More

BofA AMEX Accelerated Rewards

BofA Bankamericard

Citi "Thank You" Preferred Mastercard(Previously Diamond Preferred Rewards)

Best Buy HSBC Store Card.

This may be a lot of credit cards for my age (21) but I wanted to establish credit early on and grow with these companies. My purpose is to hopefully purchase a home for me & parents later on when I graduate from school.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From Wanderer on 2011-02-17

Congratulations! You reached your credit goals. Now you can develop length of average credit which will increase your scores. Do you know what your scores were when you got approved? Your FICO Scores are great. You know what needs to happen in the credit world!

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From Locnguyun on 2011-02-17

Fico Score on both reports were

748 TU

728 Equifax

Feb 16, 2011

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From Eugene66 on 2011-02-17

Wow what a great collection of cards...

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From KIEJON9 on 2011-02-17


Comment 5
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From ColoNative on 2011-02-17

Congratulations! Looks like you have a good mix of prime cards.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From Locnguyun on 2011-02-17

Thank you!

Comment 7
Comment Title: Re: Finally Approved.. From Derek1061 on 2011-02-24

I have a question did you have to show proof of income. I was told Discover requires this? Is it true

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