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Pre-qualified Approval: JCPenney Card® Review

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Pre-qualified Approval - Written by: Louise on 2010-11-27

JCPenney Card®
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Louise's Card Review:

My mom has a JCP credit card and I secretly wanted one for myself but I never applied. Too much personal rejection and I just didn't have the nerve although my credit has been more than adequate despite my sporadic work history since the economic bust. Upon receiving the offer, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot since it was a pre-qualified offer I was shocked that I was approved for 1000.00. I was not expecting a grand, perhaps 200.00 or so. JCP is a great store and when they have a sale, it is truly a sale. Although I will not be shopping as extensively as I have during the previous years for the holidays, I know I can buy quality items at JCP for the fraction of the cost.


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Comment Title: Re: Pre-qualified Approval From THOMAS1 on 2010-11-28

Congrats on your approval! Very nice starting line to say the least... JC Penney doesn't usually start consumers off with that line at first. However, maybe due to the holiday season, they are showing more goodwill. A good card to have, use it, pif, and request increases every 4 months or so. They are very easy to deal with.

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