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Instant Approval $3500!!!!: Nationwide Bank® Visa® Credit Card Review

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Instant Approval $3500!!!! - Written by: Honeyb on 2010-04-06

Nationwide Bank® Visa® Credit Card
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Honeyb's Card Review:

Applied on Sat. 4/3/10 and was instantly approved. Called today to find out the limit and was told $3500 and they are mailing the card out today. Pulled TU.

TU - 693

EQ - 734


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From Wanderer on 2010-04-06

Congrats! Awesome... Nice CL and a good bank.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From Kdb030609 on 2010-04-06

Congratulations !!! That is a nice card and CL.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From Meya on 2010-04-07

Way to go, nice limit and scores!

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From Credit28 on 2010-04-07

Congratulations!!! I was also approved for this card with a 3k limit.

Comment 5
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From THOMAS1 on 2010-04-11

Congrats on your approval!! I've been reading the FICO boards about this particular card.

They are approving people with ridiculous credit lines. They are mainly a TU puller, sometimes with EQ, but rarely EX.

Nationwide Bank is the issuer of the card, a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance.

Be careful of excessive inquiries, as they seem to be very sensitive to those. Seems to be a good card with 1% cash back on all purchases, and offer a business card too. With high approvals to get their customer base going, this card is certainly going to be a very popular one very soon. You don't have to be insured by Nationwide to apply, as most aren't.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From Honeyb on 2010-04-11

Thanks all! I received the card in the mail yesterday and it is a really cool looking card.

Thomas - that is the same place I found out about Nationwide. I have since slowed down on the app'ing now that I was approved for my PenFed Visa Classic - that limit is $9,500. I am officially credit gardening. LOL

Comment 7
Comment Title: Re: Instant Approval $3500!!!! From KIEJON9 on 2010-04-18


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