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Macy's Approved Me!!!! - Written by: Jasjac12 on 2009-12-29

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Jasjac12's Card Review:

Guess they don't blacklist after all. I applied twice and got turned down for a old charge off with an affiliate company they owned(Marshall Fields) Well I went online and signed up a couple of days before Xmas to receive emails regarding sales. A couple of days later I got an email asking me to apply. I said what the heck and went for it. I got approved but the only thing is the CL is 100.00 I applied online. I will take anything I so wanted this card !!!


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From DM on 2009-12-29

Congratulations! Macy's has always been good with me. The sales are great and the additional 15% Use Your Card promotions help out. Call to request a CLI after 3 full months. I've gone from $300 to $5500.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From Bill77 on 2009-12-30

Congrats. My mother applied online and they gave her only $100.00 on her limit. When she called to add me as a user she requested an increase. They increased it to $600.00. They stated because she opened it online they had to verify her identity before increasing the limit. So ask and they might increase it for you.

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From Kforbes86 on 2010-01-02

I applied for this card before Christmas and got the 7 to 10 day message and still have not heard anything from them. Expecting a denial now. This card just wont seem to approve me

Comment 4
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From Jasjac12 on 2010-01-05

Call them and check your app status and try to get them to reconsider. Best of luck to you. :)

Comment 5
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From 2brshme on 2010-01-06

Congrats! About two days before Xmas I called CS for an increase and they said Nope. I was super bummed. I've had their card for over a year, have never missed a payment and paid over the requested amount due. Not sure why that happened but I'll try again later. I still love the card. My cl is $200.

Comment 6
Comment Title: Re: Macy's Approved Me!!!! From Rsty99 on 2010-01-12

Congrats, Macys does this to protect you, call them, or open in store, I also applied online and was given $500 but after calling them it went to $1200.

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