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My 1st Credit Card After Chapter 7!: Orchard Bank® Platinum MasterCard® Review

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My 1st Credit Card After Chapter 7! - Written by: Fozzie76 on 2009-10-03

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Fozzie76's Card Review:

So my chapter 7 closed Feb 09 and I've been sitting back monitoring my credit for a while. After reading several guides I decided I need to get my 2 credit cards and pay them off routinely. My scores are TU: 589 EXP: 545 & EQ: 621.

I was originally going for Orchard's Secured card but when I filled out the app, they approved me for an unsecured one! No outrageous fees either, just a $59 annual fee.

Any ideas what I should use for my 2nd card? I don't like fee based cards. I'll do a secured card before I'll pay a $150 fee to get a card!


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Comment 1
Comment Title: My 1st Credit Card After Chapter 7! From Kforbes86 on 2009-10-05

If you have buckle stores around you, theire charge card is a good re-builder, I have it right now. Also if you want secured. Wells fargo and Citibank both have good secured cards.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Re: Chapter 7 From Sharol on 2009-10-23

I been in Chapter 7 for 1 year. Do you think I can get one? EX 628 EX 638 TU 583

Comment 3
Comment Title: Re: My 1st Credit Card From Macy on 2009-12-19

Check the site and click the prequalify link which doesn't affect your score. It will tell u which card u qualify 4. Http://www.Landing. Orchardbank.com/1/2/media/disclosure? Cmd_lpage=&indicator=OB086&media=O5IS102AAX0802000161HPHHX&WT. Ac=CRS_IM000161

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