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To My Shock I Was Approved!: Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card Review

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To My Shock I Was Approved! - Written by: EmoSmurf on 2009-05-10

Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card
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EmoSmurf's Card Review:

I don't have great credit and have some negative accounts on my CR as well as some positives ones.**Read my review of the Best Buy RewardsZone Mastercard for more details on my CR** But anyway, I was checking out at Victoria's Secret and I always refuse when they offer me to apply for the VS card. Well, this time I said what the heck. If the sales ladies can see me get declined (as I was expecting to) then maybe they'd quit offering it to me in the future. To my surprise I got instant approval! It was only for $350, but it's a nice start. I've had it for a couple months, used it several times and paid it off before a statement even cuts. I plan on calling customer service soon for a CLI so they don't have to do a hard inquiry because I just recently got this card.


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Comment 1
Comment Title: Just Wait! From Kadams212 on 2009-05-11

Congratulations on the approval. If you just use it in bath and body works and victoria secret, they will increase your limit in about 6/7months. I started off with about a 250 limit 10/08 and they automatically increased me to 600 04/09.

Comment 2
Comment Title: Thanks! From EmoSmurf on 2009-05-12

Thanks! I will definitely do what you suggest and use it in Bath & Body Works as well if it helps me get a CLI a lot sooner than the 9 months I was quoted today from the Customer Service Rep. ( I broke down and called for a CLI and was told that my account was "too new" to grant one to.) I guess I have to be patient. :)

Comment 3
Comment Title: Congrats From Mrrob on 2009-05-21

Congrats on getting this card


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